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Jacqueline's teaching style reflects and adjusts to each student's needs and goals, while at the same time maintaining good structure and clear expectations. Reading, technique, and basic musicianship are her main areas of focus. As a member of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association and the Durham Music Teachers Association, her students often participate in various events and performances in the Raleigh-Durham area. 


Why Take Piano Lessons?


Piano is one of the most versatile instruments, allowing a musician to explore a wide range of styles. Keyboard instruments offer the unique opportunity for students to be their own orchestra. For example, a pianist learns to read and play in two clefs at the same time! There also exists the opportunity to fully understand and grasp the complexities of musical harmony. For those interested in creating or writing their own music, it is often helpful to write with the aid of a piano. Benefits for young children include improvement in attention focus, fine motor coordination, and strengthening the corpus callosum.


Overview of Lessons 


All lessons are entirely tailored to each individual student's needs and goals. Private weekly lessons include technique, theory, and musicianship training. "As a teacher, my highest priority is fostering a basic love and deep appreciation of music in each student through enthusiasm, analysis, and establishment of a warm and friendly learning environment". Performance opportunities are available throughout the year for all students. Initial goals and expectations are established in the trial lesson. 


For Adults


Whether you are a complete beginner or previously experienced, piano lessons can be a fun and excellent way to take part in the world of music!


For the beginner, studying any musical instrument for the first time can feel daunting, especially if you have no musical background. However, generally adult beginners truly want to learn and are therefore willing to put in the practice time in order to accomplish their goals. And of course, now is always the perfect time to start!


"Music engages almost evey aspect of our brains! There are significant benefits in devoting time to the study of music. Research links music study to overall academic achievement, problem-solving, language development, reasoning, and creatvitiy. Other benefits include fostering a sense of growth and accomplishment, developing analytical & artistic thinking, and enjoying and appreciating beauty in art and in life." 



Trial Lesson


A trial lesson can be scheduled before official studio lessons begin. This lesson provides the opportunity for the students and teacher to get to know each other, and to establish whether or not the student is truly interested in learning piano. Any questions and/or scheduling can be discussed during this time. Initial meeting/trial lesson is free of charge. 


Payments & Make Ups


All payments are per semester (September - December; January - May; June - August). Students can pay for either an entire semester up front, or split the cost into even monthly payments. A make up week is reserved at the end of each semester for one missed lesson. 


Music Books




    My First Piano Adventure, by Nancy and Randall Faber


    Piano Adventures         

    by Faber and Faber (Level determined by instructor)



    Piano Literature, by Faber and Faber


    Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach

    Henle Edition




    Determined jointly by student and instructor



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